Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost missed.

I opened and closed the front door behind me. It made a swiftly noise and ended with a dull thud. The kind of noise you lose yourself into when you're lonely... I opened the next one, looked down and took my shoes off. Another exhausting day at school precisely done at 5PM. Walked in and saw my sister watching daily news on TV sitting on the sofa. She looked at me and said it was gone to be sold. I couldn't believe it but she sounded pretty firm in her statement. I laughed, took my jacket off, hung it, and entered my bedroom. I put my Pj on and came out. Headed to the basement. It wasn't there. "Alright" I said to myself. Took a snack and I was ready to tackle my biology assignments.

"ADH and Aldosterone are secreted which increase H20 and Na+ absorption. This secretion will then increase blood volume, increase presystolic volume, cardiac frequency and the volume of blood ejected. The cardiac output will be raised. Therefore, blood pressure will be raised as well ... Since BP = CO x CF. " (...)

- Snack

- "In a hospital, a person's put to bed for several days. She feels dizzy and might fall. That's the reason why it is very important to slowly lift her , first make her sit and then let her get use to it for few minutes before standing her up... "

- Snack

- Snack

- TV

"When you are in a lateral position, your blood vessels and heart are on the same level, which make it easier for the blood to circulate, so less contriction of the vessels (dilated). When changing posture, your BP decreases and the blood falls to the bottom since the nervous system did not have to time to adapt to the situation, to make the vessels constrict. With that being said, blood goes down, nothing to feed dzee brain, equals dizziness. To retablish the BP, the NS will increase the heart contractility, raise CF and make vessels contrict. CO and Resistance will raise substancially..."

- Assignments

- Dinner

- TV

Still not there. I felt all weird inside. What if it wasn't a joke? What if it'll never come back again? I sat in front of the television, but my eyes were looking down. The same level it usually was. I felt sad. I felt guilty and wished I could see it one more time to say 'Bye'. (...) Useless piece of black and white stinky thing that can't even listen to me when I ask it to. Yeah, you. Fatty who keeps on destroying most of the things I once owned. Gniah. I don't care. And yet. Who'll jump all around and stand up to my knees everytime I come back from school? Who'll run like a mad boar when... (...) like a mad boar. It is the only one who possesses the two most weird reflecting mirrors ever. Fart, snore, sit, sleep, eat. Silly.

12:30AM and still not there. Finally decided to believe it. Went back to my room. Closed the door and again, that dull thud. Fucking annoying shit. Just leave me alone. (sigh) Slipped between the blankets and fell asleep.

6AM Classical music on the radio, my everyday alarm. Get's up. Fix my bed and go wash my face. Change clothes. Loses my Pj comfort for the less appeal I still own. Deep breath, stairs. Cage. It's there. Snoring. Farting like whatever. Stood on my knees. "GIMMIIE BIIG KIISS MII DOGGIE" Hugs. Breakfast. Promise I'll take it out later. And life goes on...

Maybe with a little bit more love I guess.

PS My brother took Azul (my dog) to the farm to see some friends and came back home at 2AM.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

L'art de l'insulte d'Arthur Schopenhauer par Franco Volpi

When I go to the library, I often find myself in the philosophy section. Pff. Probably because it is the first thing that comes across my mind. Have you ever thought about reading all the books avaible? Makes me sad. I don't even know where to start. Anyways, I rent a book from time to time and it makes me happy :)

So yesterday, I got this great book called L'Art de l'Insulte from the great pessimist, I mean philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. In this book, Schopenhauer uses insolence and provocation with a slight subtility arguing on different thematics almost structured as a glossary which makes it easy to understand and read. While arguing, people may use insults as their last resort or simply not even think about it but for Schopenhauer, damn those structured arguments, lets jump right into action, even if you know you're wrong. The person who gets insulted and mad loses. But be careful, chose your ''opponent'' wisely! The philosopher treats about women, Hegel, god, faith, animals, men, humans, education, other philosophers, etc. Nobody spared.

I really enjoyed this book, well for a book a chose randomly of course haha. It's a book to read... hm... seriously? yet with a smile in the corner and tainted with many "pssshhh" . lol ;)

Here are few quotations:

"Pour celui qui étudie afin de parvenir à la connaissance, les études et les livres ne sont que les barreaux de l'échelle qu'il gravit pour atteindre le sommet de la connaissance : dès qu'un barreau l'a élevé d'un pas, il l'abandonne. Par contre, les autres, nombreux, qui étudient pour remplir leur mémoire, n'utilisent pas les barreaux de l'échelle pour monter, mais ils les démontent et les chargent pour les emporter en se réjouissant du fardeau de plus en plus lourd. Ils resteront éternellement en bas, car ils portent ce qui aurait du les porter" p71.

"Pour symboliser l'insolence et la sottise, on devrait prendre la mouche. En effet, pendant que tous les animaux craignent l'homme avant tout et le fuient de loin déja, elle se pose sur son nez" p53.

"Seules les pensées que l'on a soi-meme sont vraies et vivantes : car ce sont les seules que l'on comprend. Les pensées étrangères, lues, sont des chiures de merde" p68.

"La mémoire est une chose capricieuse et versatile, comparable à une jeune fille. Il arrive qu'elle refuse de facon tout à fait inattendue ce qu'elle à cédé cent fois et le propose tout naturellement plus tard, quand on n'y pense plus" p69.

"Lorsque l'on étudie le bouddhisme d'apres ses sources, tout s'éclaire; il n'y a là absolument aucun bavardage stupide sur le monde créé à partir du néant et sur un type surgi soudain qui l'a fait. Pouah, quelle saleté!" p77.

''La plume est à la pensée ce qu'est la canne à la marche: mais la marche la plus légère est celle sans canne, et la pensée la plus parfaite se déroule sans plume; c'est seulement lorsque l'on commence à vieillir que l'on aime se servir de la canne comme de la plume" p145.

"Le désir de connaissances, lorsqu'il porte sur le général, s'appelle désir de savoir (Wissbegier), lorsqu'il vise le particulier, il s'appelle curiosité (Neugier). - Les garcons manifestent le plus souvent un désir de savoir; les petites filles de la simple curiosité, mais celle-ci à un degré stupéfiant et souvent avec une facheuse naiveté" p164.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hommage aux dimanches de la vie.

C'est dimanche, dimanche, dimanche.
Le jour avant lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi... ou tout simplement le jour d'après, dépendamment du point de vue de chacun.
Le seul jour qui ne fini par par 'di' mais qui tout de même le commence.
Le jour qu'on se réveille tard en matinée puisque samedi fut le jour de la fêtée.
Le jour ou il ne se passe habituellement rien de spécial.
Le jour avant la semaine des cours.
Le jour ou on se fixe des objectifs afin de les accomplir avant ces cinq journées tarrées.
Le jour ou on jure de dormir plus tot.
Le jour lorsqu'on étudie à la dernière minute avant l'examen du lendemain.
Merci aux dimanches de la vie.
Nous laisser nager en apnée en ta seule journée.
Malgré cela, il est déja minuit et je ne suis toujours pas au lit!

Anyways, class are starting at 12:00, take that Sunday! *pew pew*