Sunday, May 2, 2010


So here I am... on a sunday morning... tired because of last night... SUNDAY @__@ (reference to my older post!)

Ugh, these past few days, my back is so sore. Really! I still remember when I did my writing exam and when I finished, I just couldn't stand straight anymore. I actually had to raise my hand to tell the teacher! She felt so sorry, which is not what I wanted... Anyways, when I move, I'm totally fine, but when it comes to sit for considerable hours, I'm done! I should really consider seeing a doctor... Nevertheless, before I started to work, I passed a scan for my back and they couldn't find anything wrong. I really feel bad now that I know that my back is unhealthy... Because in nursing, they keep on saying how our back is important, and that we just have one back that supports us, and just becareful. Well what makes me more upset is the image people can have of me now... You see, I had a little accident years ago, I use to help my dad lift stuff for his work... and I did a bad move. I remember how painfull it was. However, now, I feel like it is ten times worst. I think it followed me until now.

Yesterday night, we had dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday. It was really fun. Well... minus my back pain. Then, everybody came back home and had cake and they played the werewolf game, I could hear it from my room. I believe they had a lot of fun :)

Today, I have to prepare myself for my english oral presentation on Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Actually, the assignment was to find a serious research that is recently done related to my field of study. Believe me, I had a hard time finding one. Then, my friend got me this magazine called MacLean's and she pointed out this article about this controversial new Multiple sclerosis treatment. It's incredible how much I have learned. Not only through some article but also through personnal research, found out what is my role as a nurse toward MS patients. Grosso modo, Zamboni's study found out that his MS patient showed CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) and such blockage «could cause blood to flow back to the brain, resulting in toxic iron deposits that in turn could trigger MS symptoms» The treatment is pretty simple, put a balloon inside the vein so that it can unclogg it. Here the controversy, this is a risky intervention because some patient have died of it or had complications. Besides, doctors asks. Is CCSVI unique to MS? If it is, is it a cause or a consequence of MS? They say that they are not actually treating MS but veinous problem and that people who had the surgery done and showed positive results is a placebo effect. As you may not know, there is no cure to this disease and researching haven't found the cause to it. If this treatment showed positive results and can actually significantly improve MS patient's lives, why not?

Here's my source: Kingston, Anne and Gulli, Cathy. "The Miracle Cure". MacLean’s, 19 April 2010 : 70


With that being said... this is my oral presentation topic. I also have a math exam on monday wish scares the crap out of me. Another oral presentation on thursday and FINALS. TUN TUN TUN!!!!

... Have a nice day! :)