Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of my old drawings, very simple.

Another drawing, unfortunately I haven't created this. I copied this from an image I found on but I had fun doing this, the crazy waves and the cherry blossoms I modified, great.

Flying pigglets are to come!


The title says it all!

First of all, i gotta say that ... my blog's title is awesome! I use Pnuts kind of everywhere but the Flying pigglets?! gosh this is great :P It came up to me instantly, it actually gives me an idea on what to draw. Yeah I haven't drew much these days, lack of time, imagination, and blahs!

Annyways, so yes. So is Blogging dzee new journal, without paper? what are the differences? I joined not only because I wanted to type stuff but also because I wanted to post images, pictures, hmm.. can I do that around here? probably. oh and meet new people is always a plus of course.

Alright... wish me goodluck!