Sunday, February 28, 2010



School wise, it's been a week already since I started my internship in psychiatry and at first, I seriously thought it would be really bad, but it turned out really interesting! So far so good. However, there is a lot of homework related to it. Not to mention my other courses. And on top of that, I work on weekend. I'm a busy one... :( I feel drained... exhausted. I have a minimal social time... It's hard but I have to get through this! I HAVE TO! Positive thinking! COME ONNNN!

I can't wait for my march ''break'' not a whole week unfortunately... only monday and tuesday... Then... wednesday and thursday, my intership (which should be very illegal on the way) and day off on friday, Hurray.

Hopefully, I have few good friends I can relax with. We're planning to go play bowling or pool on that day. Thank god.

I'm still waiting a reply from the hospital for my externat this summer... It really worries me because all my friend got their letters except me. I called a week ago and they said they just sent it on february 18th and I like so close from the hospitall!! Come on.... I applied for Medecine, pediatry and surgery. I should start working on june 7th! Can't waiit! :D

I also have this job at my brother's clinic. My brother is a denturologist and he needed someone to type in all the patient's information into the computer. He gave me the keys so I can come whenever I want. Which I'm very pleased with it since I'm not avaible on weekdays and I don't really have any obligation. Very flexible and that's perfect. Besides, even though the clinic is far from my house, I don't really mind. I'm kind of tired to work close to my place. Why everything has to be close from me?! Get out of the comfort zone girl!

So for tomorrow... I have crisis situation class, english composition and microbiology lab. I have mondays... Because I always finish at 6 pm. Tuesday wednesday and thursday, I have my internship and friday I have Microbiology and sociology. Talking about sociology, last class... I usually don't skipp Sociology class but that day, I just couldn't handle it anymore. Honestly! I love my teacher's class but I was just wayyy to tired. I followed at the beggining of the class and took good notes and I left right after the 10 minutes break. And instead, I went to work hehe!

I really need a nice, beautiful and long break... Geebus!